Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad - Just released today!

First impressions:
  • A blown up iPod Touch, geared more for casual users who is looking for something between a Macbook and an iPhone/iTouch.
  • Should have came with a camera for video conferencing, iChat/Skype calls. This will most likely come out with the second generation iPad
  • iPad sounds too much like iPod.
  • Screen looks awesome as usual
  • I will most likely pass on this one and wait for the second generation

16GB - $499US
32GB - $599US
64GB - $699US

Wi-Fi + 3G
16GB - $629US
32GB - $729US
64GB - $829US

Technical Specs

Size and weight

Height: 9.56 inches (242.8 mm) 
Width: 7.47 inches (189.7 mm)  
Depth: 0.5 inch (13.4 mm)  
Weight: 1.5 pounds (.68 kg) Wi-Fi model
             1.6 pounds (.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model

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