Wednesday, January 6, 2010

World's Thinnest LCD TV at less then 7mm thin! - LG

Hair is not the only thing that is getting thinner these days. LG just announced at CES that is it coming out with a super thin LCD (or LED) TV that is only 6.99mm thin! After looking at the pictures on Engadget, here are my first impressions:


*Yes it is thin, and the colors are vivid using the latest LED technology
*Obviously high-definition to deliver the best in picture quality
*Narrow borders to make best use of the real-estate space


*Did you see that cube base thing the TV is sitting on? Obviously this is where the guts of the unit sits in, I'm not really digging it
*And speaking of the cube-base, how will the TV be mounted?
*I'm sure that this will carry a hefty price tag for its earlier versions

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