Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Shack - Home Renovations

It has been almost three years and I still haven't had the chance to post pictures of the renovations.

Here is the view of the front porch. The shrubs has just been manicured but still need some work. As you can see, the patio is wet, a typical day in BC's fall. I was thinking of adding an old wooden bench for some seating but haven't got around to doing so.

Here is the view coming in from the front door.

*Dark honey maple engineered-hardwood flooring, 12mm
*Sea grey-green walls
*Stainless industrial-look 3-way light track
*Identical abstract painting
*Italian cream leather couch
*Dual ottoman /storage unit with flipping leather lids
*Extendable wood stained dining table and chairs, seats four

An alternate view peering down into the living room.

* Wall-mounted 40" LCD TV
* Recessed lighting backlight

View from the kitchen. The blinds still need to be replaced, thinking of white engineered wooden blinds but that's going to need some saving up.

*Wooden branches in large glass vase
*Industrial "hospital" wall clock
*Straw area rug (now gone)
*White wooden picture frame ledge

The small but functional kitchen.

*Stainless steel oven
*Stainless steel dish washer
* Stainless steel high-powered exhaust
* Dark emerald granite counter top
* 90 degrees ceramic backsplash
* Stainless steel deep dual sink
* High powered garburator
* Moen stainless steel pull-faucet

Another view

*Stainless steel fridge
*Stainless steel microwave oven
*Added granite bar
*Industrial design track lighting and recessed spot light (not shown)

The hallway leading to the two bedrooms and bathroom.

*Authentic Samurai sword security system
*Solid dark wood drawer cabinet (bedroom)

The Master Bedroom.

* Glass sliding closet door with white trim
* Solid dark wood queen size bed frame and pillow top mattress
* Matching dark wood side table

The Bathroom.

* Dark wood medicine cabinet
* Designer vanity with table top ceramic sink and stainless steel faucet
* Glass shower door with stainless steel trim
* Hand held stainless steel shower head
* Energy saving space saving toilet bowl
* Ceramic 10" cream bathroom tiles
* Sea grey painted walls

I did not get to take pictures of the second bedroom but will post soon!


  1. Very nice shots of your house bro... been there only once, these photos just refreshed my memory again.

  2. Hah thanks bro and thanks for helping me insure it! Hope your new year is great so far. See you around!

  3. I particularly like your "Authentic Samurai Sword Security System"...hahahah..niceeeee

  4. Love the deep kitchen sink. Love the bathroom. You got lots of stuff on your kitchen counter. Lol. Nice place! I wanna see for myself.

  5. @Enica: Thanks! Yeah I have a lot of kitchen gadgets and ingredients laying around.

    @Jimbo: haha thanks bud!

  6. So this how Mr. Yu lives ... sweet :-)

  7. Nice place Kuya! I'm gonna be visiting soon, can i stay with you :)

  8. @David - places up here are small man! A fraction of the size when I was in Roseville!

    @CJ - thanks! yeah of course! Is Jeff still coming?

  9. Well we're gonna vacation for his bday in August, I wanted to go to Vancouver, he wants to go to NY, so since it's his bday, he gets to choose.. so it's NY this time, but next vacay will be to see you and ate Beh :)

  10. Haha alright. Gotta check out NY myself too. Enjoy alright!


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