Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vancouver: Life Half a Century Ago - Photos by Fred Herzog

Here is a look at Vancouver in the 1950's and 1960's through the eyes of acclaimed German photographer, Fred Herzog. Herzon is the only photographer with a comprehensive body of documentary/art photography of Vancouver in existence, and yet in color. He has a color book available titled Fred Herzog: Vancouver Photographs

Herzog immigrated to Canada from Germany following World War II. While employed as a medical photographer in Vancouver, his passion for photography took him on evenings and weekends to the streets to document daily life.  It was there he captured the subtle human gestures of everyday people, savoring every moment in perfect light. The unique public space that he so carefully cataloged with glimmering lights and psychedelic neon has since been replaced by big-name retailers and cookie-cutter storefronts.  - Laurence Miller Gallery

Above is a colored photograph of shoppers on Robson Street in 1957.

Granville and Robson. 1959

 Hastings and Columbia. 1958

Hub and Lux. East Hastings and Pender Street. 1958

White Lunch Restaurant. West Hastings. 1959

West End view from Burrard Bridge. 1957

Granville Street view from Granville Bridge. 1966

Granville and Smythe. 1958

Howe and Nelson, 1960

Main Street. 1968

Hastings Street, 1968

Here is a view of the West End from Granville Bridge in 1957

And here is a view of West End from Granville Bridge in 2004.

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